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Multi-generational Fly Fishing Package

Calling all generations of fly fishing enthusiasts! El Encuentro was founded by Jane and Michael Beale in 1985 and has been run by members of their family ever since – and now they want to celebrate other families who have bonded over fishing throughout the years. This year, El Encuentro has put together a special multi-generational package to make it possible for children, parents, and grandparents to all experience the beauty and fly fishing paradise that is Patagonia, Argentina.

How the package works: One generation (e.g. father) books a trip and pays the full single angler rate. If his daughter comes along, she gets a discount of 50% on the trip. And if his father/the daughter’s grandfather decides to book a trip as well, he also gets 50% off the entire trip! This 50% discount can be used for up to two different generations of family members per full paying adult family member. Grandmother, Father, Son…Grandfather, Mother, Daughter…the possibilities are endless! Contact us today to discuss this special family package and start planning the fishing trip of a life time.