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Fall fishing at El Encuentro Fly Fishing

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As the fishing season gets close to the end in Patagonia, our days get colder and mountain forests turn into an amazing intense red color, mixed with white early snowed peaks. Autumn turns the scenery into a wonder worth experiencing. 

What I like most about fishing in the Fall season in Patagonia (mid March til the end of April) is that we chase big migratory fish. Trout have been feeding in the lakes all summer long and as the days gets shorter and the water cools off, these huge healthy fish start migrating into the rivers to spawn. 

Thinking of species, brook trout will be the first ones to run and there’s nothing better than to chase them fishing the waters around the Brook Trout Base Camp, including  the Rios Corcovado and Tigre. Starting early in the morning and again late in the evening, , our guides know just where to find these migratory brookies – the key to finding this fish. Usually, swinging streamers and nymphing, holding waters (?) or  sight fishing for big fish pods works well.  Occasionally, we will use trout spey rods, when water level conditions are high and getting out there with no room in the back cast with big flies could be a challenge.

As a consequence of the brook trout migration, big migratory rainbow trout follow them to feed on their eggs. These massive torpedoes hold an enormous amount of power…  hooking and landing one of these huge rainbows will be un- unforgettable experience and a challenge even for the most experienced anglers!

Last but not least, we also fish for lake-run migratory brown trout around the EEFF area. The scenery in this part of Patagonia is just outstanding with its deep sharp mountain valleys, lots of nothofagustrees, gorgeous in their fall colors and gin clear rivers. 

Heading up to Los Alerces National Park, there are two rivers we fish targeting these lake brown trout. Fishing techniques will be similar as for the lake brookies, except that many times we will be fishing from a boat, casting big streamers and stripping it in as fast as we can, trying to tempt one of these monster fish, which are holding in between logs, deep pools, tail outs and some specific places guides know.

A very important thing is to concentrate on every single cast and once you hook one, be ready for anything… these massive fish can pull-out a lot of line!

We strongly recommend the use of a powerful 6 or 7 wt. rod when targeting the migratory brookies and brown trout, as well as trying the trout spey rods with the guides team at El Encuentro! They will be great full to show you a different way of fishing and to help you improve your casting techniques.

We hope to see you this coming Fall, chasing the run!