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Late-Summer Update and Fall Fishing News from Patagonia

It’s hard to believe, but late-summer is fading into early-autumn in our idyllic corner of central Patagonia. We’ve experienced a warmer than average summer season, and the slow progression of fall brings with it a welcome change with cooler daytime temps, and crisp mornings and evenings. 

As our dear friends and extended members of the El Encuentro family were experiencing the icy grips of a cold, snowy winter in the north, we saw hot, dry weather and large trout hunting for dry flies here in the shadow of the Andes. 

We have enjoyed a long summer of wet-wading, and casting to rising fish with hoppers, caddis, and mayfly spinners, but with the start of Autumn finally here, we begin to shift the focus to our thrilling Fall Fishing Program. 

Exciting things happen here in Patagonia every autumn when the days get shorter, and the temps get cooler. The area in which we operate is home to tremendous populations of brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout thriving in vast watersheds of inter-connected rivers, lakes and streams. As water temperatures cool in March these fish begin to migrate in anticipation of spawning season in late-fall and early-winter. 

Colder water paired with shorter days and lower light levels produces some down right ornery behavior in these migratory fish. There is a noticeable change in the activity of these substantial fish when they begin to migrate as they will aggressively eat streamers, or crash the surface for fall flights of flying ants. 

With the changing season comes changing fishing conditions. Our days of wet-wading are numbered. It’s time to break out the waders, gore-tex jackets, and puffy layers. Much like September in the Northern Rockies, March in Patagonia is a transitional month in which we can see 70 degrees and sun one day, with 40 degrees and snow the next. Fortunately, some of our best fishing days, especially for migratory fish, are the most inclement, and we are lucky to have a beautiful lodge and a warm fire to return to at the end of a long day out in the Patagonia elements.

While this has been a challenging season for everyone, we remain committed to keeping the El Encuentro family together, safe, healthy, and prepared to welcome you, our extended family, back to Patagonia next year for what is sure to be the best season ever! We hope everyone is doing well, and we can’t wait to hear from you, and see you again soon!


El Encuentro Fly Fishing Family