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Dry flies for Spring Fishing: CDC or Elk Hair Comparadun

Here goes a brief description of how to tie the CDC / Elk Hair Comparadun. We hope you find it helpful! Please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive more infomration about this pattern!


Step 1: wrap thread along the hook shank.


Step 2: select a piece of elk hair and use the hair stacker to stack the equivalent in lenght of a hook shanck.

Tie it up close to the hook eye. Tie also 5 to 6 fibers of a brown cock hackle feather the same lenght as the hook shank as for the tail.

Step 3: wrap dry fly dubbing along the tying thread and wrap it along the hook shank to creat the fly body (taper shape).

Step 4: end up wrapping the dubbing all the way up to the hook eye and tie the finishing knot. Fly is ready!


Tight Lines!!! 


Marce Widmann and Santi Pagnanelli