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Hot Spotted Pheasant Tail Fly Pattern

Here goes the Step by Step instruction to tye the Hot Spotted Pheasant Tail fly pattern. We are filling up our boxes for this upcoming Spring fishing season and this pattern is one of the must have!! Feel free to reach out to us if you need any further information. 


Step 1:  Wrap thread along the entire hook shank.

Step 2: Select between 6 and 8 fibers of a natural pheasant tail and place them creating the tail of the fly, same lenght as the hook shank.

Step 3: Tie it up 4 to 5 fibers of natural pheasant tail plus a short piece of black wire for the ribbing. Wrap the pheasant fibers all along the shank ´till the bead head and rib with the wire next. 

Step 4: Tie 8 fibers of natural pheasant tail, using the tips towards the bead head side. Separate 4 fibers to each side by a lenght of the hook shank. 

Step 5: Tye 4 to 5 strands of peacock hearl to create the thorax. Wrap the peacock hearl and cover it with the pheasant tail fibers creating a wing case, tye up  the dubbing all the way up to the hook eye and tie the finishing knot.

Step 6: Cut off the excess of pheasant fibers and apply some glue if wanted. Fly is ready!


Tight Lines!!!


Marce Widmann and Santi Pagnanelli