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Fly Fishing experience in Patagonia by Odom Wu

BROOK TROUT - Day 1 of officially fishing in Patagonia and it was amazing! The beauty, size and the fight of these Brookies are astounding. @valkyrie821 and I caught about 40 of them, despite some choppy waters.

Patagonia has so much to offer than fishing so I would like to share more than fish photos. The region has beautiful landscapes, people, animals and culture. Hopefully, I provided them justice. I hope you enjoy and learn a little more of Patagonia’s beauties through these photos.

Thanks to @pagnaflyfishing @kevineddy_95 @josee_moya and all the @elencuentroflyfishing Brook Trout Base Camp staff for taking us of us.

Tomorrow, we plan to fish a lake for browns and rainbows. Stay tuned!

BROWNS, BOWS & GAUCHO - Day 2 began with some dry fly fishing that evolved to streamer fishing due to some high winds. Either way, we loved it! I landed a large 23 Brown and between @valkyrie821 and I, we landed healthy sizes from 18-22 inches.

On our way to the lake, we saw a gaucho and his dogs. Living in the South and Texas, we admire the hard work and grit of the true cowboys.  We respectfully asked if we could take photos of him and them. He obliged us and proudly posed for us.

As always, after a great day of fishing, we were served delicious appetizers, drinks and a hot meal. 

Thanks to @pagnaflyfishing @kevineddy_95 @josee_moya and all the @elencuentroflyfishing Brook Trout Base Camp staff for taking us of us.

Tomorrow, we plan to fish for more giant Brookies. That’s going to be a blast

MORE BROOKIES - We began day 3 with calmer waters compared to day 1. Immediately, we knew it was going to be a good day. It turned to be a great day! With experience from day 1 and with @pagnaflyfishing’s help, @valkyrie821 and I doubled our catch rate to over 70 Brookies with 2/3 of the day. They were aggressively chasing our streamers and smashing them, even a few feet from the boat. Sometimes, you can visually see their hits as you strip your streamers. Insane day!

Brook Trout Base Camp is one of the coolest and most unique setup you will experience. Unbelievable fishing, sceneries, food, friendship and experience. I could do this for days but we packed up and arrived late afternoon at @elencuentroflyfishing’s main lodge to enjoy a new exciting experience. The last photo is the view from the lodge’s back patio. There certainly will be lots of coffee and wine drank coupled with this view in the coming days

Thanks to @pagnaflyfishing @kevineddy_95 @josee_moya and all the @elencuentroflyfishing Brook Trout Base Camp staff for taking us of us.

Tomorrow, we plan to fish the Rio Grande River, directly where the lodge is settled. 

FISHING & FELLOWSHIP - On Day 4, we stayed at and fished the Rio Grande O Futaleufú River where the @elencuentroflyfishing lodge is located. As you entered the driveway and crested up to the lodge, it reminds you of an old beautiful English home manicured with colorful blooming flowers and shrubberies. 

Inside the lodge, is a well decorated and welcoming atmosphere where guests can sit, eat, drink, socialize and keep warm with a wood burning chimney and friendly conversations.

Outside from the back patio, the view is the gem. From there you overlook the Rio Grande O Futaleufú River and the mountains in the distance. That mountain range goes by several names - Trono de las Nubes (Throne of the Clouds) or otherwise called by the locals as La Monja or “The Nun”. Can you see her resting on her back? Once you do, it will linger in your mind every time you glance at the mountains.

After a day of fishing, we gathered outside with some of the other guests, lodge staff and our guides to enjoy each other’s company, drinks, appetizers, surrounded by the fragrant smell of the asado that our chef was grilling and smoking for us.

For dinner, our main course was beef asado, roasted lamb, pork, wine and many other grilled vegetables. It was an extraordinary gathering event and dinner. An interesting fact about the origin of Argentine asado - “The meat, often a side of ribs, is skewered on a metal frame called an asador and is roasted by placing it next to a slow-burning fire. Gauchos favored cooking asado with the wood of the quebracho tree because it smokes very little. Asado, accompanied by maté tea, formed the basis of the gaucho diet.” 

Tomorrow, we will fish a spring creek in a national park favored by our guide @pagnaflyfishing. We have been told of its beauty and its technical challenge. Technical waters? I’m already liking it!

SPRING CREEK’ING by @odomonthefly - Day 5, we went to fish a small spring creek in the national park. That small body of water held a large amount of fish but they were extremely difficult to catch. It was all sight casting with small nymphs with the only tell tale of the whites of their mouths to set hook. I enjoyed the technical fishing and can understand why our guide, @pagnaflyfishing likes it.

On the way in and out to the small creek, you travel through a meadow filled with some beautiful horses and cattle. I was able to capture them while they regally posed for me.

Tomorrow, we will go horseback riding along the river for half day and fish the Futaleufú for the other half.

HORSE RIDE / FLYFISHING - Day 6 & 7, our trip to Patagonia is coming to an end.  We went horseback riding to see parts of the river and ranch. It was my first time riding on a horse and surprisingly I did OK 

Thanks @florgarzonio and @lucianogarzonio for showing us around your beautiful countryside, ranch, and little riverside beach

Thanks to all the staff at @elencuentroflyfishing for making this trip an unforgettable experience. I will always remember my time in Patagonia. We had a trip of a lifetime!