Fly Fishing

30 Years of Patagonian Fly Fishing Experience

El Encuentro Fly Fishing has spent over 30 years building relationships with local landowners and researching all the waters, big and small, of this area.

The region in which we work encompasses dozens of superb fisheries for both trout and golden dorado, with a mix of public and private waters easily accessed from our lodge and camp. We know which waters you will enjoy fishing the most, and whether you are staying at our lodge or our base camp, we will craft an itinerary to match your priorities and expectations so your trip is just as memorable as you imagined.

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Our Waters

From wading on small streams and spring creeks to float trips on bigger rivers, you will have the chance to combine all types of fishing. You can also fish in some of the small productive lakes that offer an opportunity to catch a trophy trout. 

Our area here in Central Patagonia has a healthy wild population of trout. We also have the original strain of landlocked salmon that were only released in two basins in Argentina, one of them being the Rio Futaleufu Basin, where we are located. Although these are not native species (introduced in Patagonia in the early 1900’s) they easily adapted and spread out in most of our rivers and lakes. We have browns, rainbows, brook trout and landlocked salmon.

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