Non Fishing Activities

Patagonia: a Paradise to Discover

El Encuentro offers a great variety of non-fishing activities and day trips. 

For those who don't want to fish every day or don't want to fish at all, Patagonia has so much to offer and explore. Depending on your interests we will make sure you have a wonderful experience and plenty of stories for your angling companions with a local, knowledgeable, and English-speaking guide. 

Horseback Riding

Horseback is available right near the El Encuentro Lodge. Depending on your experience you can go for a couple of hours along the river, or go for a longer ride into the surrounding mountains.

Hiking and Bird Watching

As you will come to see, Patagonia is full of hiking trails and incredible views, and luckily El Encuentro is right near some of the best hiking in Patagonia. Los Alerces National Park lies directly across the Rio Futaleufu from the Lodge, inviting exploration; longer hikes are available in other parts of the park (see below).

Patagonia bird watching is also very exciting, with many different birds to appreciate. While you can see birds while fishing and our fishing guides know their birds, spending more focused time at a lagoon or marsh area can produce exciting and colorful sightings!

Day Trip to Los Alerces National Park

We can set you up with a full day visit to Los Alerces, enjoying a boat tour and/or a full or half day hike (see below for one of our favorite hikes in Los Alerces). The Park is home to the Alerce (lahuan) trees (Fitzroya cupressoides) from which the Park takes its name. Created in 1937 to protect the Alerce forest and other typical examples of the flora of the Patagonian Andes, this park has the largest Alerce forest of Argentina . Alerce is one of the longest-living trees in the world; some in the park are around 3,000 years old, with many of them over 1,000 years.

Hike to Torrecillas Glaciar

This excursion starts witha 40 minute boat ride accross a spectacular mounatin lake, going as far as Puerto Nuevo, where the hike starts. This particularly beautiful hike takes you to the glacier by going through the Alerce forest and the pristine landscapes of Los Alerces National Park.

Half Day Trip to Chile

We are only 5 miles away from the Chilean border. The town of Futaleufu has some great local restaurants where you can enjoy some excellent pacific seafood and Pisco Sours. After lunch your guide can take you for a drive around the area or go for a nice hike. You will be surprised at the change of scenery and even the lifestyle in Chile. And why not get the stamp on your passport that you visited two countries in the same trip, with hardly any driving?

Discover the Welsh Heritage of the Area

Visit the town of Trevelin and its museums to learn about the fascinating Welsh history of this region’s pioneers. Enjoy a traditional Welsh tea with some delicious homemade cakes and breads. On the way back to the lodge visit a small museum featuring one of the area’s historic water mills that used to produce flour in the early 1900’s. The Welsh successfully grew wheat and supplied flour to the country from this area for many decades.

Half Day Trip to La Trochita

One of the only narrow-gauge trains still operating in the world. Departing from the local train station of Esquel, the train heads east to the small station of Nahuel Pan, an aboriginal reservation, located at 20 kilometers from Esquel. The round trip to Esquel lasts for 3 hours approximately. One can enjoy a variety of landscapes and sceneries, combining the native forests and “mesetas patagonicas”. In Nahuel Pan one can visit a small museum about the original cultures of the region.

Rafting on the Corcovado River in Argentina

One can also do more of a "scenic float" on the nearby Rio Corcovado, with class 2 and 3 rapids. The scenery is stunning making for a lovely day. Just know that our fishing guides love to take their guests down this river to fish as well. 

Spa Day at Estancia La Paz

There is no better way to relax while your companion is fly fishing than a day at the spa. Twenty minutes away from El Encuentro Lodge, our friends from Estancia La Paz offer a private full service of spa and pool. Combined with great healthy cuisine, this allows to relax and enjoy a full day where you will be treated specially. Estancia La Paz offers a bath circuit, Scottish showers, dry sauna, climatized swimming pool, indoor jacuzzi, cold pool, wet sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, all this combined with different massage techniques and beauty care sessions.